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Hey, it's Ry.

Quick update: Still kicked off NextDoor for "spam" right after revealing two handfuls of uncomfortable truths in my last video. Coincidence? You decide.

So, let's get to the latest...

Amending our Comprehensive Plan

Monday's city council workshop had a bombshell: our once "untouchable" Camas 2035 Comprehensive Plan is now to be amended, costing taxpayers $1.2 million, including seven new WSP consultants who’ll join next year's Downtown Project.

Page 4 from staff report

Moving on to Well 13 and the PFAS problem.

If you’re still concerned about the quality of your drinking water, you’re not alone. My understanding is that well 13 supplies 15% of our water, which is notable as there are only 10 wells in our entire system.

Would you’ve preferred a summer of brown lawns to unknowingly drinking that?

Lake Management Plan

What we’ve all been waiting for, the final lake management plan. I’m genuinely excited because we all just want a cleaned up lake as soon as possible.

We don’t care about how long it’s been toxic. Despite its industrial past, Lacamas (and Round and Fallen Leaf) have ALWAYS been designated for “Recreational Use”* according to the Washington Administrative Code and Department of Ecology’s water quality criteria. So

let’s aggressively correct and maintain it.

Neither the public nor the Council have seen the plan yet but there will be a special city council meeting next Thursday, September 28, to share details.

Everett Street Corridor Open House

TL;DR preferred approach is five new roundabouts for $45 million. Maintenance not included. They’ll also need to grab 10 extra feet from private property to accommodate the much wider sidewalks (details here).

Eminent domain? The city has a “whole process for that.”

If this is approved by Council next month, businesses like Acorn & The Oak could lose all of their onsite parking space.

Saturday’s Ward 2 Town Hall

Here's your call to action: show up this Saturday at 4pm. Want to be heard? Want to hear others? This is your chance to speak up and ask your burning questions.

Upcoming Events

Ward 2 Town Hall

4PM Saturday, September 23 Zellerbach Admin Center 841 NE 22nd Ave Camas RSVP Here

Definitely try your best to join. ^^

Coffee @ Crown with Ry

11AM Saturday, September 30 Crown Park Tennis Courts 123 NE 17th Ave Camas RSVP Here

And our family would love to see you here! :)

Migrating Platforms

Wanted to let you know this is likely the last email you’ll receive from this Substack for awhile. And that’s because I just launched (2.0) with a full archive of all my articles, videos, resume, and other key items.

It’s also where I’ll be rolling out entire my 100-Day Camas Action Plan in the days ahead and you won’t wanna miss that. So take a look, tell me what you’d like to see, and please share with a friend—or three. And I really mean that.

With less than a month until ballots drop, the most important factor is time.

So if you’re able to share this message with 3-4 people. And those 3-4 people share it with 3-4 more. We’ll literally ignite an exponential movement.

Will you help me, Camasonia?

We’re our only hope.



*Note: an earlier version of this letter suggested that the recreational designation was promoted by city and developers without maintaining it as such. I’ve since clarified the statement to confirm that our lakes have always been designated for Recreational Use.

Still need to confirm from where the “Industrial Use” terminology originated.


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