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Camas at a Crossroads: Watch, Vote, Share

Hey, it’s Ry. Election day is in one week.

I’m still out there, every day, knocking in the heart of Camas. You’ve got a strong chorus of convictions, and I’m hearing an enduring truth: “They cannot hurt you unless you let them."

Not just some old saying—it’s the cornerstone of our journey. Unified in spirit and true to our beliefs, we’re resilient. Life is about showing up and that’s what we’re doing.

I am a centrist. And centrism isn't about meeting halfway. It’s the only way forward. Think of it as a calling. And in this calling, let us see the essence of Camas: diverse yet unified. And that’s what we need. Balance. It’s more than a nice to have–it's essential.

Imagine a bridge. You’ve got progressive ideas on one end, conservative foundations on the other. I am that bridge–your bridge–ensuring every voice is heard and amplified.

Balance. Our way forward. It’s reconciliation in action.

And our vision for Camas—safe neighborhoods, clean water, kid’s laughter by the pool—things we all want. Dreams we all share. And it’s all within reach.

Years ago, when I was on assignment in Northern Iraq.

My anti-war stance and my criticism of the Bush administration was extreme.

And one day I was hosted by a Kurdish Peshmerga commander, who I just automatically assumed shared my sentiments. But when I first set foot into his office I was caught off guard by not one but two framed photos of George W. Bush.

This patient, learned man reshaped my perspective on the spot, teaching me that one can appreciate a policy without necessarily endorsing the persona behind it. And that the world isn’t just black and white.

That experience in particular showed me that every voice, every story, helps paint a community's canvas. We are diverse. We transcend dichotomies. We contain multitudes! And that is worth celebrating.

Having lived and worked across Latin America, the Middle East, and in Asia-Pacific, I’ve know, as Mark Twain wrote, that 'Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, narrow-mindedness.'

These journeys have taught me that beneath our differences, we share a profound bond.

We’re all just people. And here in Camas, we’re all neighbors. And with this bond, we can walk away from what divides us, and focus on what truly matters for our community. Here, in Camas, I stand for you.

Will you join me?

Let’s craft this new chapter for Camas—with clarity, enthusiasm, and a reinvigorated sense of community.

Today, in these final days. I’m asking for your vote. And for you to tell people why.

And in return I promise to echo YOUR VOICE.

The time is now.

Always remember:

"They cannot hurt you unless you let them."

Balance is the foundation. Centrism is our compass.

And together, only together,










Please share this far and wide. And before I forget!

If you still have the flyer I mailed to you and have handed out, do me a favor and put it in your car window for this final week of the campaign. And then if I spot you on the streets (or if you send me a picture). I’ll bring to you a special gift. 😇

See you soon.

Friday downtown for pie? 🥧

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Jan Patricio
Jan Patricio
31 okt. 2023

You have my vote Ry. Good luck in the upcoming election. I hope we can have that meeting about planning some day. As for now I just going to trust my gut and go with your energy to do the right things for Camas.

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