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How Unity Will Write Camas' Next Chapter

Hey, it's Ry.

When conversations tilt and teeter towards division, we owe it to ourselves—and our community—to take notice. It's clear a vocal minority has tried to steer the narrative.

They cast shadows, sow doubt, and remove context. Yet when faced in broad daylight? They backtrack, making words and entire posts vanish into a memory hole, reminiscent of Orwell's 1984, and then regroup from their own secluded corners.

But we're onto them. From long-time residents to those new to town, many recognize the game being played. And there's talk—backed by evidence—that some in pivotal roles are still giving tacit approval to this divisive behavior. How long can Camas let this stand?

However, this is our chance to rise above. Instead of meeting hostility with hostility, what if we choose grace and forgiveness?

I genuinely mean that.

Keep in mind, once we decide Camas is home—whether or not blessed by the old guard—we become a key part of this community. From Oak Park to Green Mountain. From Goot to 192nd. Agreement isn't always the norm, but we’ll always be neighbors.

And neighbors can work together. My journey across town has shown me our true strength: not in lockstep consensus, but in our shared love for Camas and the craving for unity in our growing diversity.

So what if we move beyond "us vs. them"? What if we tear down those echo chambers? What if we step outside, offer a hand, look our neighbors in the eye, and say, “Ya know what? The past is behind us, let's move forward."

Imagine no more divisions, no more ‘sides’.

Just a united Camas.

Because together, as Camasonians, we really are the change we've been seeking.

Unity isn't just strength—it's our shared legacy and our future.



Note: Wrote this in reply to a thread on Acorn's FB page, but figured it’s worth sharing here.

Speaking of Acorn, if you haven't already, make sure to RSVP to Sunday's 11am hang. See you there.


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