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Riding Momentum into the Final Weeks

Hey, it’s Ry.

What an electrifying weekend! The weirdly intense autumn heat couldn’t dampen our spirit as we split into three teams, spread across Camas, connecting with hundreds of our neighbors. Our goal? 1,000 doors. And we soared past it, feeling an undeniable momentum propelling our campaign forward.

Now rain’s on the forecast, but it won’t slow us down. With every stride and every knock, we're reminded of the power of one-on-one FACE-TO-FACE connections. In a local off-year election like this, every conversation can tip the balance.

We were so thrilled to welcome another volunteer to the street team these past two days. She’d never done anything like this before and totally crushed it. And now another individual is suiting up for her first ride-along with me today. 💪

Inspired to join the movement? We'd love to have you. I’d love to have you. Because knocking on that first door, being part of a cause greater than oneself, is truly a unique and empowering experience. And we need all hands on deck.

So when ready to jump in, you let me know. Just reply below or click here.

BTW, there’s a topic that still comes up from time to time that we gotta address.

People demand my party affiliation. Here's my answer: I stand with Camas. Every single resident. Because partisan politics has no place in municipal government.

Imagine the potential if we all set aside our political badges or dropped off our political luggage so that we could actually unite as neighbors for our community.

The people of Camas witnessed first-hand the magic of unity exactly four years ago by defeating the $78 million pool bond. Why not aim to reignite that spirit?

So, as we gear up for another few rounds of door-knocking, embracing every story, hope, and concern we encounter, remember this: Change isn’t a fantasy.

But it requires us to work together. Because only together can we be the change we seek.

See you out there. Let’s win this together and make change as one.




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