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Heartfelt Thank You + the Path Forward

Hey, it’s Ry.

As the bright golden hues of late-fall cover our beloved Camas (felt like a scene straight out of a Calvin & Hobbes strip), I find myself reflecting on the journey we all took together. By now, I trust you’re aware of the election results.

While we didn't cross the finish line as planned, two in five joined our journey. The support of nearly 3,000 community members who believed in a vision of change is a testament to the power of collective hope and action.

While our campaign may not have secured a win in the traditional sense, in many ways, WE ALREADY WON. We united around pivotal, unique-to-Camas issues:

  1. Envisioning a sustainable, more equitable future for our city.

  2. Advocating for the rejuvenation of our lake and community pool.

  3. Demanding government transparency and to have your voice be heard.

These weren't just slogans on a sign. They are the pulse of our community, the issues that you continue to hold dear and will champion in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.

Momentum is everything and so I invite you to keep it alive. This campaign was always larger than any one individual. It’s why my name was initially so small. Because this was really about a collective endeavor driven by ideas and issues that transcend us all.

This was your campaign. Our community's campaign. Many reached out to echo the sentiment on my fan-favorite sign: "Nothing changes if nothing changes." While the status quo may persist, adopting a stance of defeat is not an option.

Remember, YOU are the change you seek. Always have been. The power of transformation lies within you—no need to wait for a savior. No need to wait for permission. You are your own advocate. Your own champion. Your own leader

As this chapter closes, the ideas and messages we championed together live on in each of you and will be woven into the fabric of our town. I want to extend my deepest gratitude to my family and every one of you who contributed, in ways big and small, to this incredible journey. Your support was the backbone of this campaign, and it was your belief in our shared vision that inspired me to put everything on hold to pursue this path.

While the future holds uncertainties, one thing is clear: you possess the power to shape our city. As residents and taxpayers, this city is yours, and our elected officials are here to serve you. So let’s collaborate with them in a constructive way to help mold the magnificent city we all aspire to continue living in.

These past months have been a journey of learning and sacrifice, and I am deeply thankful for the opportunity to have been welcomed into your lives and homes. It was an honor and a privilege to connect with so many of you across our town, in so many neighborhoods. Your stories, your hopes, and your challenges will not be forgotten—nor will your support and kindness.

I love you, Camas.

Thank you.


PS I'm thinking about next steps for this newsletter. Should I re-tool Camasonia into an occasional comic strip that captures the fictionalized essence of our town—a place where every corner has a story, in which people pursue harmony?

If you'd like to see this evolution, let me know by emailing, commenting, or voting below. If you're not yet subscribed, you can join us today.

Stay tuned for Coffee Club 2.0



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