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💧 Camas Water Woes ☣️

When Basic Necessity Becomes a Toxic Gamble

Hey, it’s Ry.

Back with something we absolutely need to discuss—our water situation.

And no, I'm not revisiting the still-toxic but now-dredged Lacamas Lake or the public pool ripped away from us. This time, we're diving into a different reservoir—our precious drinking water. You might want to sit down for this one.

The Uninvited Guests in Our Water

Bet you received notice in the mail a few weeks ago—the one that told you your tap water, the stuff we brush our teeth with and cook our food in, is laced with toxins. They're called PFAS, and they exceed the limits set by the Washington State Board of Health.

These PFAS are the uninvited guests that nobody wants. They stick around far longer than they should. Forever, actually, accumulating in fish, birds, plants, our pets, and yes, even you and me.

  • And let's not sugarcoat the consequences:

  • increased cholesterol

  • decreased birth weights

  • liver damage

  • increased cancer risk

The list goes on and is frightening.

Empty Promises & Expensive Solutions

City officials seem to think this is no big deal. The contaminated well they shut down last January—well 13—was quietly turned back on earlier this summer due to demand. Basically an ultimatum: expose ourselves to risk or “run out of water”.

Their advice? If you're pregnant or have infants, invest in some expensive in-home water treatment systems or stock up on bottled water. These are band-aids on a gaping wound, and an environmental nightmare to boot.

Inaction Is Not an Option

Here’s the salt in the wound: our city leaders had this information for months and yet decided only to communicate the change through a social media post and update on their website.

Many like me, were expecting an official followup in the mail, which is why so many of us are only hearing about it now. Sound familiar? It's almost as if they ignore or downplay a problem it goes away.

But like our lakes, inaction becomes a poison in itself.

What does this say about our city? Voices are screaming for transparency, accountability, and action but are ignored. Don't we deserve better?

Clean water. It must be our top priority. But is it too much to ask?

Chew on that.

And know this: we're not done. It’s time for action, and time for answers.




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