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Camas Action Plan: Revitalizing Lacamas Lake

Hey, it's Ry.

For 3,174 days – that’s 8 years and 8 months – my opponent has been in office. As days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, our lakes witnessed toxic blooms steadily becoming the norm. Despite the ticking clock, it’s disheartening to realize that not a single molecule of water has changed.

This begs the pressing question: Why?

In a recent "special edition" city council meeting, we found ourselves caught in a loop of the familiar. The discussion gravitated toward alum, the aluminum sulfate treatment, as if it were the only knight in shining armor. But as I've journeyed through this campaign, I've discovered there’s a world of alternative treatments awaiting exploration. Ones that promise sustainability and non-toxicity. So why do they remain obscure, collecting dust on the fringes?

The council's method of engagement feels off-kilter. Their definition of "public outreach" seems to exist in an echo chamber where monologues overshadow genuine two-way dialogues. It’s high time we harmonize words with action.

Among the myriad of concerns, there's an issue that baffles me. Amid all the chatter, the Lacamas Shores biofilter remains a glaring blind spot. This isn’t a mere oversight; it's akin to ignoring a smoking gun. As days pass, this avoidance raises more eyebrows and sows seeds of suspicion.

Furthermore, the upstream golf course is no small player. By design, golf courses have a symbiotic relationship with fertilizers, often in significant quantities. These courses play a substantial role in the ecosystem's health, so why isn't this part of the core conversation?

But here's the promise: With your trust and my commitment, these sidelined issues will be brought to the forefront.

In my first 100 days, this is the blueprint:

1. Lake Examination

An intricate, scientific exploration targeting every pivotal point across our lakes. This isn't just about treatment, but understanding the heart of the problem.

2. Oversight Equity

Every neighborhood, including Lacamas Shores, should be on an equal pedestal, leading the way in stormwater maintenance. It's not about finger-pointing, but fostering a community-driven stewardship spirit.

3. True Talk

No more siloed dialogues. The vision is to bridge the gap between the community, experts, and policymakers. Every decision should be a chorus of diverse voices.

That’s the plan.

But one more thing. There’s a statement from the meeting that’s bothered me. What the heck is this?

So some of those are going to need to have budget discussions with them, some of them we might talk about and decide that you know, again, the question of why is the city doing it [cleaning up our poisoned lakes] or SHOULD we be doing it. - Steve Wall, Public Works Director

Such statements blur the waters of clarity and commitment.

It's time for unequivocal decisions and unwavering actions. For the lakes. Because they don’t have a voice. For Camas. Because you do.

Let's together be the change we seek.


This coming weekend is make or break for our campaign.

Thanks for watching, reading, and most importantly, sharing.

More volunteers joining every week, hit me up to join our team!


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Kitsap Lake in Bremerton. Sometimes, "expensive studies are undertaken using funds that might have been better spent on solving the problem. These studies often result in expensive treatments that project years or decades of restoration. When implemented, the longevity of the treatment often doesn’t meet its objective... Adaptive management collects the information necessary to build a phosphorus mitigation program, builds a prescription, applies the prescription to capture phosphorus, samples the results, and builds a new prescription for the following year. This can be a much better use of limited funding and starts to deliver results right away. Over time, this approach can often be much more cost effective... Aquatechnex proposed two options to the City and the Lake Steering Committee:…

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