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Unity in Action: From Doorsteps to Dance Floors in Camas

Hey, it's Ry.

Today was truly a great day.

Hit the streets and knocked on doors, and the enthusiasm was palpable. Two of my most dedicated volunteers reported having their best day ever – and considering they've been out there with the people for weeks, reaching around 1500 houses, that's saying something!

Later, I had a meaningful discussion with our Camas Police Officers. After one of their training sessions, we delved into their needs and brainstormed creative solutions for the city and community to better support and appreciate our invaluable force.

The day was rounded off at the HighGLOWeen event with Mission Fit Camas. Even in Natalie's absence, the group of incredible women there welcomed me wholeheartedly. After some energetic dancing, we paused to discuss the importance of civic participation.

Observing such groups bridge divides between those who've lived here all their lives and those who've recently arrived truly warmed my heart. It’s moments and connections like these that remind me: when community spirit meets collaborative energy, we set the foundation for a thriving, unified city.



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