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Camas Action Plan: Reimagining Our Community Pool

Hey, it’s Ry.

Probably the number one issue, spoken more loudly than all the rest, has been the public desire for a community swimming pool.

Not a $78 million dollar pool.

Not a $6 million dollar splash pad.

Not an “interactive water feature” at Crown Park.

What the people want is a simple, inexpensive, outdoor swimming pool to replace the one that was ripped out to pave the way for their $78 million dollar vision.

Don’t let anyone muddy the waters about these facts. It’s LITERALLY that straightforward.

Four years ago, my opponent voted to remove our community pool. She then supported a proposal to borrow $78 million dollars for a pool more expensive than the Olympic Aquatic Center used in the Beijing Olympics. And remember, that pool was built to accommodate 25,000 spectators–almost as many people as we have in all of Camas.

And her proposal was loudly defeated. 90-10.

Yet, she recently voted for a $6 million dollar splash pad just as our Finance Director highlighted our looming budget shortfall. A shortfall that suggests we can't hire new firefighters and policemen, unless we buy in to even more tax hikes.

Because what you want doesn't seem to be on her radar.

Welp, it’s on mine. And here’s my vision to replace our cherished community Pool:

In my ongoing research, I found inspiration in the Lasker Community Pool in Galveston, Texas. For $4.1 million, they built a state-of-the-art facility complete with a recreational pool, a competitive eight-lane pool, and even a body slide.

More than just recreation, it offers fitness classes, swimming lessons, safety courses. Funded through collaboration between various organizations, grants, and private donations.

This showcases what is achievable with community-centric planning and sensible funding. Take a look at their facility.

It's inspiring and proof of what a few million can build.

So here's my roadmap:

Form a Crown Park Replacement Pool committee with local citizens, City Councilors, High School swim teams, mayors, school board representatives, and others. We'll evaluate interest, commitment, budgetary realities, potential locations, and more. A-S-A-P.
Issue a city-wide survey to determine the community's preferences for size, features, location, and budget.
Develop a plan that aligns community wants with stakeholder needs. Keeping the cost below $10 Million eliminates any need for bonds.
Redirect the $6 million reserved for the splash pad to the pool project. Splash pad comes after pool. Community's voice has been unequivocal in their preference.
Seek additional funding from grants, capital fundraisers, schools, and neighboring communities. Operational tasks can be delegated to organizations like the YMCA.
Lean into tried and tested designs, build in modular phases to accommodate future expansions.
Set the ambitious goal of finalizing plans next summer. Secure council approval and commence construction.
After breaking ground, aim to celebrate the opening of our new Camas Community Pool by the summer of 2025.

We've been told by officials that it could be a decade before Camas sees a pool again. Almost as if it's punishment for rejecting their $78 million dollar idea.

That delay ends with my election. Together, when we win, we'll kick off the project next year. No external consultants required.

Camas, are you weary of the no-vision 'can’t-do' attitude? Exhausted from feeling unheard?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Join me, and together, let’s be the change we seek.



P.S. This Sunday our friends at Acorn & The Oak are hosting us for a get together at 11am. Please hop over here to RSVP. Janessa, Chuck, and the fam will be providing free appetizers (cash bar) and they're even crafting a special Camas-themed cocktail for the occasion.

Come join us for a cozy rainy Sunday indoors by the lake.

Thanks for watching, reading, and most importantly, sharing.


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